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“By the Hand That Obeys the Intellect”: Death and Remembrance in Late Medieval and Early Modern Sculpture

(ISBN 978-0-9972446-4-9) US$120.00

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Table of Contents:

Introduction, Lilian H. Zirpolo

Bronze Bones: Image as Ersatz Relic in Andrea Pisano’s South Doors of the Florentine Baptistery, Scott B. Montgomery 

Claus Sluter, Dynastic Ties and the Artistic and Cultural Origins of the Well of Moses at the Chartreuse de Champmol, Kimberlee A. Cloutier-Blazzard

The Quattrocento Sarcophagus of St. Columban at Bobbio and the Free-Standing Tomb Tradition in Italy, Allison Lee Palmer

Benedetto Briosco, Tommaso Cazzaniga, and the Tomb of Pier Francesco Visconti, Count of Saliceto, Ellen Longsworth

Giorgio Vasari’s Tomb of Michelangelo: A Neoplatonic Artistic and Spiritual Celebration, Liana De Girolami Cheney

Michelangelo’s Name and His Relative Fame, A. Victor Coonin

Death, Mourning, and Memory: Carlo Fontana’s Cenotaph of Queen Christina of Sweden at St. Peter’s, Rome, Lilian H. Zirpolo

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Esoteric Traditions and Their Impact on Art

(ISBN 978-0-9972446-2-5) US$135.00


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Table of Contents:

Introdution: The Origins of Western Esotericism, Lilian H. Zirpolo


Ottaviano Ubaldini della Carda and Fifteenth Century Hermetic Culture: Artistic Production in the Court of Urbino, Alessandra Bertuzzi


Giorgio Vasari, The Tesoretto of Cosimo I de’ Medici: An Esoteric Heaven,

Liana De Girolami Cheney 


Stargazing: Hermetic and Neoplatonic Influences in Early Modern Cosmology and Astrology, Roger Ferrer Ventosa


Marcantonio Raimondi’s Zodiacal Sibyls, Giangiacomo Gandolfi


A Mercurial Crocodile: Some Alchemical Aspects of the Vault in the Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Grazie di Curtatone,

Valeria Motta


Alchemy in Christina of Sweden's Palazzo Riario, Rome: Gianlorenzo Bernini's Salvator Mundi as Cristus Lapis, Lilian H. Zirpolo


The Visual Language of Alchemical Engravings from the Fifteenth to the Seventeenth Centuries, Roger Ferrer Ventosa


 Esoteric Traditions in Margaret Cavendish’s ‘The Blazing World,’ Sebnem Düzgün


The Humanist Alchemy of Reform: Bosch and Velazquez as Inspiration for Goya’s Los Caprichos, Kimberlee A. Cloutier-Blazzard


The Salons of the Rose + Croix: Symmetrical Diagrams, Initiatory Pathways, and Esoteric Symbols Mary Slavkin


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Epistolary Discourse: Letters and Letter Writing in Early

Modern Art (ISBN 978-0-9972446-3-2) US$120.00


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Table of Contents:

Introduction: Epistolary Discourse in Early Modern Europe and its Significance to the Production and History of Art, Lilian H. Zirpolo


Claudio Tolomei's Letter to Agostino de' Landi: A History of Misinterpretations, Bernd Kulawik


Titian's Libro di Lettere: A Courtly and Literary Strategy for the Advancement of Venetian Art,

Matteo Mancini 


Federico Zuccaro as Letter Writer (1539-1609): Private Correspondence and Public Letters, Macarena Moralejo Ortega      


The Other Winding Sheet: Letters in English Early Modern Deathbed Images, Kerry Cooke


Writing Intimacies: Rubens' Licit Pleasures,

Sara Benninga          


Considering Marie-Antoinette’s Epistolary Strategies, 1774-1780, T. Lawrence Larkin


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Table of Contents:

Introduction, Lilian H. Zirpolo

Una vista amirabile: Remarks on the Illusionary Interplay Between Real and Painted Windows in 16th Century Italy, Sören Fischer

Anamorphosis as a Tool for Presenting Erotic Subjects: Some Remarks on Jan Ziarnko's Lovers, Malgorzata Bilozor-Salwa

Consonant and Dissonant Perspectives: Carel Fabritius' A View of Delft (1652), Caroline Fowler

Mirror Art: Early Modern Catoptric Devices in Books, Collections, and Demonstrations, Marie Theres Stauffer

Perspective, Illusion, and Devotion: The Chapel of S. Agnese in Sant'Ahgnese in Agone, Fabio Colonnese

Trompe L'Oeil as Ironic Art, Mateusz Salwa

Agency and Illusion: Free Will and the Perspectival Constructions of Andrea Pozzo, Alexander Watkins

Illusions in Portuguese Baroque Azulejos, Maria do Rosario Salema de Carvalho


"The Most Noble of the Senses":  Anamorphosis, Trompe-L'Oeil, and Other Optical Illusions in Early Modern Art

(ISBN 978-0-9972446-1-8); US$120.00.


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Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: The Origins of the Quilting Technique: Trade and the Spread of Quilting Techniques to Asia; Mongolia; China; Tibet; Siberia; Japan

Chapter 2: Quilting in Europe: Domestic Quilts; Documentary Evidence; Opus Consutum; Patchwork; Patchwork as Vindication

Chapter 3: The Tristan Quilts: Visual Aspects; Provenance; The Narrative; A Gift for the Bride and Groom; Function; Display

Chapter 4: The Anjou Cloth: Methods of Assembly; Anjou Heraldry; Patronage and Authorship; Silk from Naples

Chapter 5: Imports from Asia: The Art of Cotton Dyeing and Printing; A Brief History of Dyes: Indigo Blue and Turkey Red; Quilting in Provence; The Port City of Marseilles




The History of Quilting: From Ancient Egypt to 18th Century Provence

Lilian H. Zirpolo (ISBN 978-0-9972446-0-1); US$55.00.



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